MSP Lead GenerationDrip campaigns are an effective way to nurture MSP prospects and leads while keeping your MSP top of mind. A drip campaign involves sending a series of emails over time that focus on providing value in the form of helpful tips, resources, and useful information.

The key to any successful MSP drip campaign is selecting the right topics and developing content relevant to your MSP services. For example, an MSP could create a Tech Tips email series that provides readers with simple, actionable advice on how to troubleshoot IT issues or how to stay secure on the web.

When setting up an MSP Tech Tips email drip campaign, it’s important to consider the following:

1. Who Is Your Target Audience?

For your MSP Tech Tips drip campaign to be successful, you need to have a clear idea of who you’re targeting and what kind of content would be valuable for them. Are you targeting small business owners or executives at larger enterprises? Once you have this clarified, it will be easier to develop specifically tailored content.

2. What Are the Goals For Your Drip Marketing Campaign?

Are you aiming to engage inactive customers? Nurture fresh prospects? Promote additional products or services to current customers? Figure out the call-to-action you would like your reader to complete by the end of the email drip campaign and then plan for how you are going to get there. Reflect on which of these goals aligns most closely with yours:

  • Position your company as a thought leader

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Sign up for a free assessment
  • Educate prospects on tech-related topics

  • Book a free consultation

3. What Type of Deliverables Will You Include in Each Email?

MSPs have several options when it comes to what they can include in their emails as part of their Tech Tips series. Here are some examples of content that is commonly used for this purpose:

  • Useful articles linked from external websites such as CIO Magazine or Forbes

  • Infographics
  • Video tutorials
  • Free eBooks downloads
  • Blog posts written by MSP staff members related to various IT topics

4. How Often Should You Send Out Emails?

Decide how often sending emails would work for both your MSP and your prospects – would it be weekly, biweekly, or monthly? The frequency depends largely on the specific needs of your target audience and how quickly they expect information from your MSP team. Once a week for an 8 to 12 period is a frequency that B to B prospect will tolerate. Keeping track of customer behavior can also help inform decisions about how frequently emails should be sent out.

5. What Technology Should Be Used?

When setting up an MSP Tech Tips email drip campaign, it’s important to select the right automation tool for managing this specific marketing effort – one that is designed specifically for B-2-B marketing automation such as HubSpot, Keep or Pardot or less expensive email service providers like MailChimp, Constant Contact or Emma. These tools enable MSPs to easily segment their audience into customer categories so they can send out highly targeted messages and measure success rates with greater accuracy using analytic tools integrated within platforms like Google Analytics.

6. How Will You Measure Success?

There are many ways that MPSs can track their progress when it comes to Tech Tips email drip campaigns including keeping track of engagement metrics such as open rates, click-through rates (CTR), unsubscribe rates, tracking website traffic sources, noting customer feedback (positive or negative), tracking conversions. And all can be done using analytic tools integrated within most B2B automation platforms mentioned above or through website analytics programs like Google Analytics.

In Summary

By understanding who your target audience is and offering engaging content in each email, as well as, implementing proper analytic tracking tools, MSPs can build trust with prospects while increasing conversion rates through effective Tech Tips email campaigns.