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Apex Visibility is a group of seasoned SEO consultants that approach our work with passion and determination. We are ready to bring proven strategies and talent to your project.

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Apex Visibility has over two decades of SEO consulting experience and has created effective SEO strategies and campaigns across multiple industries. While the Google algorithm continues to change, much of the game remains the same. You still need a clean design, quality content, and lots of backlinks. However, ranking now takes into consideration performance and load speeds as well as mobile-friendliness and user intent. Let Apex Visibility lead the way to top search engine visibility for your company.



The real reason you should engage Apex Visibility as your SEO Consultant is we are passionate about what we do, we have 24-years of SEO experience, along with our stellar track record for producing results. Apex Visibility truly cares about you and your business.

How are we unique?

  • We have over 24 years of SEO experience and are masters of our craft.
  • We create long-term SEO strategies that focus on your top revenue drivers.
  • We provide effective content marketing services with an emphasis on perfectly optimized long-form content along with link-building services that align with your overall marketing strategy.


To create effective, affordable SEO strategies tailored to the client’s unique needs.


AFFORDABLE — We deliver digital marketing services at a reasonable price and seek to deliver as much value to the client as possible.

EFFECTIVE — We focus client marketing campaigns on their top revenue-driving products and services to maximize ROI.

TRANSPARENT — Clients deserve complete transparency. From strategy through delivery, our clients are part of the process.

QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE – We are obsessed with delivering quality, responsive, and knowledgeable customer services.

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SEO Strategy starts with a discovery meeting, where we learn about your brand and business goals, and identify your top revenue drivers. We then perform research to gain insights into your marketplace, competitors, and keyword opportunities. Then we use this information to create a comprehensive strategy.


We need to produce results fast, which typically means generate sales—so it is important to focus SEO campaigns on lucrative phrases. At the crossroads of the competitive analysis, keyword research, and your top revenue drivers, we identify keyword opportunities. From here we develop an annual marketing strategy that includes technical SEO, information architecture, and content marketing. Next we create a detailed editorial calendar that allows us to plan the execution of the strategy over the course of a year.

  • Discovery & Intake
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Opportunity Identification
  • Information Architecture
  • Annual Marketing Strategy
  • Editorial Calendar


Technical SEO has always played an important role in generating organic search traffic. A website’s underlying code needs to be lean and fast-loading. The Google algorithm has recently added “web core vitals” as a ranking factor, increasing the importance of having a properly coded website. Apex Visibility will audit your website and remediate issues that can negatively impact rankings in search engines.

Technical SEO Services:

  • Site Audit & Remediation
  • Backlink Audit & Remediation


Apex Visibility offers a free 30-minute discovery meeting where you can tell us about your business. We will provide you with valuable insights after conducting a free website analysis. SEO & Content Marketing is an investment in your business that will pay dividends for years to come. It’s time to take the first step. Book a discovery meeting today.

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An investment that will pay dividends 

Content marketing is a powerful technique for driving new customers to your website. A sustained campaign that aligns with your revenue-driving products or services is a proven long-term strategy. The benefits of a well-planned content strategy will pay dividends for years to come and is a great investment in your business.

The process starts by identifying keywords that have significant search volume and that also align with your top revenue drivers. We then craft deep content for your website and push versions of that content out to your top end funnels such as your blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. This content development effort is then backed up with off-site SEO and link-building activity.

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Capitalizing on local search can be the key to business success. 

Nearly half of all Google searches consist of users seeking local information. These searches consist of people looking for businesses in their local area with the intent to patronize them. Mobile searches for “on sale” + “near me” (such as “cars for sale near me” and “washing machines on sale near me”) have increased more than 250% YOY in the last two years. Searches for services (such as “lawyers near me” and “IT support near me”) are also on the rise. Capitalizing on local search marketing now will position your business one step ahead of the competition. Businesses can benefit greatly from this lucrative, high-converting segment of search traffic. Local SEO can contribute to your business success and should be an integral part of your overall search marketing goals.

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Local SEO Consulting


Need help with content creation? Apex Visibility is an affordable content marketing team that produces results. Book a no-pressure consultation to receive critical information on your website’s performance.

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eCommerce SEO requires good, deep content, awesome product photos, and quality backlinks—just like all other search engine optimization campaigns. Where eCommerce marketing differs is on the product list view and product detail pages. Search engines utilize a markup language called “structured data” as a way of tagging and displaying elements that are typically displayed on eCommerce sites. Some of these elements are as follow:

  • Price
  • Quantity in stock
  • Number of reviews
  • Average review stars
  • Shipping status
  • Thumbnail images
  • and more

These structured data attributes are clearly seen on search engine results pages and especially on mobile devices and can have a serious impact on your click-through and conversion rates. Additionally product images that show up in Google’s image search results will also include structured data elements, which enhance your brand and let the searchers know the images are products. A proper implementation of structured data attributes can help you dominate the search result pages, especially on mobile devices.

ecommerce seo consulting

The above graphic is from a Google mobile search. The 1st result shows a carousel of images from a product detail page as well as review stars and the price. These elements are being displayed because they have been formatted with structured data. Google boosts rankings for products that support structured data.


The maturity of the website can affect how long it takes to start seeing meaningful search engine traffic. If your site possesses a strong Domain Authority, you will see ranking improvements quicker. New content will start appearing in search results in month one but typically not in the top 10 results. Pages improve over time as backlinks are accumulated. Meaningful results can be expected at around 8–12 months. Pages continue to grow stronger until about 18 months and beyond. The true power of SEO can be seen after 2–3 years, as illustrated by the chart below.

Search Engine Visibility


Link-building is a critical component of SEO and is required to achieve top rankings in search engines. It’s not enough to have incoming links to your site. You need to build quality backlinks from high-authority sites. Additionally, your link-building tactics must include getting targeted links from relevant websites and articles. A typical Apex Visibility link-building strategy starts with a backlink audit and remediation (disavowing) of any toxic backlinks as well as cleanup of any broken links found on your site. Next, we build quality backlinks to your site via content marketing, guest blogging, citation building, press releases, and directory submissions.

Internal Links

It is also important to have internal backlinks embedded in the content of your website. These links add power to the receiving pages and will help your site rank better.

The best defense for any Google algorithm update is a portfolio full of high-quality backlinks.


SEO Consultant

There is no doubt that James is a master craftsmen when it comes to SEO strategy. His team at Apex Visibility has consistently produced ROI on SEO projects for several of our companies over the years.

Steve Perotto, DataFleet

Apex Visibility moved quickly and produced results fast. This team is determined to deliver results!

Professional, intelligent and skilled, James Curley is dedicated to his craft and his clients. He always demonstrates client relations skills that are superior to any of his competitors. A quality product is his ultimate goal and his never ending quest for innovation serves Apex Visibility well. James is acutely aware that his field is constantly changing and does an outstanding job of continually educating himself and staying current in a field where skills sets and norms are forever changing. The passion he brings to his work infects his team, his clients and is seen in the final, most important result: An outstanding suite of SEO services.

Dan Knight, Penflex


Check out our blog for valuable tips on Search Engine Optimization to improve your website’s visibility online. You will also find content on how to build a strong brand and brand components for your business.

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