There are a few key things to look for when you’re trying to build back links to your website. First, try to find links from websites with a high domain authority score. This score indicates how popular and authoritative a website is and will help you build your own domain authority. Secondly, try to find websites with a high trust factor like chambers, the BBB and trade associations. This factor indicates how much Google trusts a website, and it’s also something that will impact your website’s ranking. Finally, try to find websites that are relevant to your niche or industry. If you can build back links from these types of websites, it will help your website rank better in Google.


The Better Business Bureau (

A back link from the Better Business Bureau is one of the best links you can get because it is considered both a high authority (DA of 88) and has a high trust factor. If you’re a business, this is one of the best places to start building back links. Here is where you can get accredited at the better business bureau. Joining the BBB does have a cost of about $500 a year which is steep, but it is actually a relatively inexpensive way to obtain a back link with a DA of 88.

Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Like the Better Business Bureau, joining your local Chamber of Commerce is a great way to get a high trust factor back link. Make sure your chamber has a business directory you can be placed in and that they allow a link to your website. In fact, it’s worth joining 2 or 3 different chambers in your region. The back link alone is worth the cost of joining.

Links From Your Suppliers

If you sell brand name products you can typically leverage a relationship with your suppliers for quality back links. For example, let’s say you sell motorcycle helmets. You can reach out to each brand you sell (i.e. Bell, Thor, Fox etc.) and request to be listed on their website. Or let’s say you’re a Managed IT Service Provider and you resell Datto services. You can reach-out to Datto and ask if they can write a case study about your company with a back link. These types of links are highly relevant and will help your rankings significantly. So reach out to your suppliers and vendor and request a back link. You can even offer to write a post for their blog in an exchange for a back link.

The above suggestions are a great way to get started on link building. It is important to start out building high quality back links (high-trust factor, high domain authority and high relevance).

Likedin Articles

Another great source for a back link is from Linkedin articles. Write something about your industry from your uniques perception. Remember to include a link in that article back to your website.

The above suggestions are tried and true so get out there and start build some links. Also feel free to comment on your favorite link build methods.